Attitude and seriousness debate

I want to know your opinions on what kind of attitude the server should take and how serious the server should be.

Personally, I think the server should have an open attitude and be accessible to everybody. I would want it to be welcoming to all kinds of players, new and experienced. Elitism would not be tolerated, as that isn’t a very welcoming attitude.

As for seriousness, I would like to think that there is space for both serious (heavy RPing) and not so serious (action RPing) roleplaying on the server. A good way to tell between the two styles is the use of /me - having to describe your actions (sometimes to the extent of frustration of others)

Here is what I said in a different thread on the matter;

Even your correct usage of /me is really wordy. I’m not saying that it will be disallowed on the server, but if you’re going to be using this kind of style you need to decide when it is and is not appropriate. If the situation is more towards the action side (for example trying to apprehend a criminal) then you probably shouldn’t spend time typing out /me shit and you should just go up to the guy and press buttons.

/me would be perfect for player interaction that isn’t reliant upon action, for example during down time such as day to day interactions (through shopkeepers, police interviews, conversations) etc

That’s what I’m trying to say, this guy puts it brilliantly;

Compromising is key to fun in RP - you’ve got to be easy going and think about what the other person wants rather than what these “Serious” RP servers do and force people to /me their every move, even though it really gets boring for the majority of players.

Don’t get me wrong - serious RP will be encouraged as well. This forum will be used for out-of-server continuation of characters, meaning that people can post stories about what happens to their characters and generally using text based roleplay to further their characters and affect the server as a whole.

I intend there to be some kind of storyline taking place on the server, and player’s characters and actions will influence it.

I completely agree. If a cop that’s arresting you is writing shit like “/me curses the thief metaphorically by equipping a pair of sturdy handcuffs of excelsior power”, I think you should be allowed to run the fuck away.

@at Axznma

Yeah, /me is great for that “/me takes out a cig and smokes” stuff, although that could actually have an in-game cigarette item to go with it. That way it wouldn’t be completely imagined.

Only thing /me REALLY doesn’t work with is combat in my opinion. Everything else is pretty much fine with me.

When people are using weapons, they should be required to /me raises the gun



how about just use that rp_toggleholster thing


the problem with these /me rules are that there is no point following them

I agree with Minorkos with this, even though I really like /me. That is pointless rule, even the most serious action-orientated RP servers do not do that. It would also lead to some kind of IC meta gaming, say if someone behind you about to shoot you /mes ‘raises gun’ and you turn and shoot, or run away.

Generally I think we need a good balance, we don’t want people writing /me essays, but we don’t want no /mes at all, I think it takes away a big aspect of RP.

If you can do it through the script, don’t use /me.
If you cannot do it through the script, use /me.

Really, I don’t want to be told that the guy who just raised their gun in front of me, raised their gun.

That really depends on peoples ability to use their imagination I guess. I can visualize someone doing things with /me even if they are just standing there, but that’s me.

My opinion, /me should just be for casual things when you’re not in a action scene.

If a cop is typing out a /me about opening the car door, I’m pretty sure the criminal will run off.

In terms of the way we treat users, we really shouldn’t start going insane just because they made the tiniest mistake in an action like most “serious” roleplayers are bound too, firstly it’s just not fun, secondly it’s intimidating and will give the entire server a bad reputation. If anyone were to start showing this kind of behaviour they should be punished accordingly and instantly.

In the kinds of RP accepted, I’d say a mixture of medium to very serious RP, anything that is too unserious usually just ends up being a kid going on a power trip and taking everyone in a city hostage then shooting them for no reason, which again isn’t fun. But at least with half-serious RP as the minimum accepted people will RP out proper situations with use of /me when they really need it (not forcing people to use it of course). But if someone who does over RP things (/me’ing every motion they make), gets involved in a RP with a semi-serious roleplayer they should lower their current level of RP to match the user they are working with.


It’s just weird having to follow 2 different games. One in the 3D environment with all sorts of things happening and the chatbox where people /me their actions. I can visualize stuff in text games just fine. That’s because text games only have one world, the /meing one.

I dont like using /me for everything, but sometimes I wonder if we could use an Rp system similar to a text-based combat system on another game I rp on.

For example, if a Rp Scene has been triggered by, for example, a cop walking up to a gangster (without /me) and asks him to move on, the gangster says, “Lol fuck you” and the cop goes:
/me slaps cuffs on you
/me grabs the cuffs, stopping you

So that person cannot move, but if this happens
Cop: /me slaps the cuffs on you
Gangster: /me runs off
Cop: /me grabs the cuffs, stopping you

The gangster can flee cause he ran away.

I dunno it might be a little difficult and too serious

/me RP like that (first example) can only be done by people with a high level of maturity and respect for other people, otherwise it falls into “no u cant do that cuz i got big musles” bullshit.

I hope the seriousess isn’t like the admins here. I mean, you ban people for a small mistake, instead of warning them or infracting them. Make the server too serious and you could lose a lot of potential regulars.

you do realize the server is Facepunch’s right? Why wouldn’t all the people that are admins here be admins there to?

I think it’s better when it’s not so serious. I want to have some fun and good RP. I like HeavyRP in HL2RP, but it doesn’t fit in Real-Life Roleplay. So i say, more ActionRP.

Yeah but I don’t want to be banned for an accidental propkill, or for making an unserious billboard advert

It’s going to be pretty laid back. The only people who will be banned are persistent rule breakers