ATTN FACEPUNCH: THE REAL WORLD IS NOT BROWN (handy hints contained within!)

Look outside. COLOURS! SO MANY!

The whole ‘hyper-realism brown everywhere’ thing is not only stupid to begin with, it’s also really, really old. Stop doing it. The real world is much more interesting, and it looks a lot prettier. Wars don’t magically change the colour of the sky to brown (at best they’ll turn it blood red as the sun filters through smoke, something I’ve personally experienced a few times during our summer bushfires and it’s cool as hell). They don’t turn people, their gear, their weapons, their vehicles, and anything else nearby the same shade of brown. The desert is not brown. Even in some of the most bleak and generally shitty places on the planet, the colours of the environment vary. Afghanistan and Iraq both have green belts along the major rivers which are as lush as any European countryside, bordered by a bit of sand but dominated by mountains half-covered in thick green vegetation and then towering into the deep blue desert sky in varying shades of grey. The colour of a desert can be brought out by variations in the makeup of the local sand, soil, and stone; it can be almost white, it can be various shades of brown, it can even be bright red and yellow (there’s actually an area in Africa - I think part of the Kalahari - which has zig-zag patterns of red and yellow sand because of mineral deposits). Here in Australia, deserts are red. The only brown you’ll find anywhere is the beach.

The colour of the sky can also change depending on what’s being blown around; about the only time it’s truly brown and hazy like you guys tend to believe is in the middle of a big fuckoff sandstorm. Don’t forget shit like mirages, too - they really do add a lot of colour.

During the North African campaign of WWII, the British camouflaged their vehicles with pastel blues, yellows, pinks and greens. It actually worked better than the overall brown the Germans used, because the desert IS colourful.

Long story short, find some originality, find some inspiration, and get to work making some pictures that actually look interesting again.

I might add some example pictures to give you guys something to work from later on, but in the meantime, I hear this Google thing’s pretty useful.

This will either stop the brown shit completely or make people pump it out more. Thank God the former is more likely to happen.

Rated Informative about the camouflage stuff and also the blood-red sunlight part.

The sunlight thing is really cool scientifically as well. It’s due to the smoke particles actually absorbing certain wavelengths of light, so only the red gets through. It looked like sunset at high noon and there was ash and shit floating down like snow.

Reference pics or it didn’t happen.

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Lots of people have been doing it? I’ve only seen Ddok and his other twin doing this shit.


WWII Matilda in typical camo for the NA campaign:

From a distance of only a few hundred feet, these were practically invisible by all accounts - presumably thanks to the mirage effect and the blue elements of the camouflage.

Here’s a folder of (mostly Iraq or Ghan) photos, showing that even in areas that ARE predominantly brown, the sky and the sun’s light are NOT unless there’s a dust storm going on.


I have a few photos (particularly across river valleys and from helicopters) that really showcase the variety of colours even in those two places, but they’re buried pretty deep down in my military-related shit folder. I’ll find them eventually, but in the meantime, do some looking for yourself.

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Yeah I wasn’t asking for desert pictures. I was asking abou the tanks but yeah you made your point.

No Rossmum, you are wrong. The world IS brown because of the shittyness of the generic pics.

cities aren’t brown either, or tundras, or jungles. Post more refernce pics in the op.

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he doesn’t need to, his point stands

Other twin? Who?

I know, but how many people are gonna look at the pictures and go “ok world not brown. World blue and beige.” I just think it’d be better for people who don’t bother to read the actual words of the thread.


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Who cares let them do what they want.


I would if FP posters weren’t so inclined to cry like fucking babies after being told for the hundredth time their picture looks like shit because it’s just layer upon layer of brown

This place used to have standards once, believe it or not