[AU] Always Pocket Me C4 | WIPED 03/04 |PVP|Sleepers|InstaCraft|DurabilityOff|Cheatpunch

[AU] OzRust.com #1 +Oxide +Airdrops +Instacraft -Dura [3.3.2014]

New Australian server up and running, started because we are tired of having our game ruined by bad admins, 100 slots but will upgrade to more if needed, we have a mumble server as well with 100 slots that anyone is welcome to join. Looking to build a community. Willing to listen to any suggestions from other players…

InstaCraft for the first few days to help everyone get started.

Server will fill up in the afternoon so get an early start.

Getting 5-10 users currently, still early days, dont think anyone has a gun better than p250 yet.

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Server name changed to:

[AU] OzRust.com #1 +Oxide +Airdrops +Instacraft -Dura [3.3.2014]