AU - Aurora Gaming [PVP, Sleep]

Aurora Gaming is pleased to bring you, the community, a 200 slot Rust server!

Server is hosted in Sydney, Australia. Very stable and a great ping.

Server is generally wiped when the community feels it’s needed, other than that you’ll be playing on a server that is administrated and looked after by a mature bunch of guys. Feel free to come and join it!

After playing on a handful of Australian servers, that either have massive admin abuse or hacking/glitching. I am very pleased to offer this server, as none of that will be of concern anymore.

If you have any issues at all, you can contact me either on here or at


No Griefing with Ceilings/Pillars (Non Destructible items)

Click here for access to the server!




Great server and nice bunch of guys on there. Definitely worth checking out.

Have been playing this on a bit after trying lots of other servers .Ping is good and server stable .
Looking forward to playing this again with the new patch just released and the fresh server wipe gives a perfect time to join in and be a part of the already great community .

I’ll be grabbing it off steam ASAP and joining these guys. Can’t wait to get killed/robbed or something else? :slight_smile:

Good server, good group of people and it’s fresh wipe!

Such an awesome server.

Server was wiped last night 7pm EST, nice and fresh!

For all Australians wanting to play a non-modded server. Head over to AU - Aurora Gaming (PVP, Sleep)

Woops, forgot to add the direct link


Click above for direct access!

Great server. seems to be plenty of action and an active admin

Agreed. Got Rust yesterday and had a blast with it on this server. People are “generally” friendly, but you do need to remember it is a “survival” game, so you will meet the occasional griefer. Overall, lots of fun and people in chat helped me a lot. Thanks!

P.S: The server is in Australia, unlike the so-called “official” Australian server that has a ping of 180 or something.

I am glad you guys are enjoying the server, i am actively going out of my way to try and answer any and every question people have. As the game can be quite confusing when you first start out!


I’m in me shack cooking up a storm! Free food to anyone I meet on the road :wink:

Free meat…im there

Glad you guys are enjoying the server, we are averaging around 50-60 player base now.

Server has been fun with alot of action ,bases sprouting up all over the map etc .
The community is pretty friendly ,and the population has grown alot since the steam release.
Another thing i have noticed is while people raid ,noone is doing things like putting a roof in a stairway which is good to see as this is is rife on some servers …

Hope everyone is having fun ,if you get shot it’s nothing personal. Have killed a few people though given out gear and food as well ,so sometimes it’s simply them being in the right/wrong place at the time i was in the area. Not simply KOS ,but around an airdrop or my base is generally the case.

Anyways see you all in game

Server gone down?

Yep, just restarting it to clear that bit of lag we had.

Should be up now!

Might look at giving the server a wipe pretty soon. Thoughts?

Thumbs up to this Mudcrab. I haven’t had the opportunity to play on a fresh server yet so it gets my vote!

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Also just wanted to add that I’ve found my small time on Aurora Rust quite enjoyable with a good community. Glad I found ya’ll!