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Hi. We have a new server started 3 days ago. Currently it is growing and we have had over 20 unique users. We got sick of abmin abuse and hackers so we decided to make our own server. It is hosted by Streamline based in Sydney Australia. It is 100 slots because we believe the map size currently isnt big enough for any more than that, and it helps keep lag low. It will always be updated and minimal wipes

Our features include:

100 Slots
Fair/Active Admins
Custom Loot List - More C4 from airdrops/zombies
No c4 craft
Half craft time
Removal tool
Private Messaging
Kill notices
Minigames - such as CTF,Last man standing, Find the admin and more for prizes
Wipes will be absolute minimum. Only when truely required

We hope to bring more in and make this server a community for everyone free of hackers and admin abuse. We want people to have fun and enjoy themselves

Visit our website www.AusRusted.freeforums.org

To connect ingame press F1 and type in net.connect