[AU] Aussie FairGame - New Server with 'Zombie Games' Events, Rare Guns+Ammo+C4, Longer Days, and More!

G’day all, just announcing that we’ve finally launched!

The first and so far ONLY server, with a regular Zombie Games event, in our custom Arena :slight_smile:

Server Name/Connection Details:

We are halfway down the first page of servers, after you click “Server Name” at the top.

"‎                               ◄█ Aussie FairGame █►"

or use net.connect

Server Settings:

Server Features:

We hope to run the Arena contests at least once a week; depending on player feedback and participation, that may increase. See you in-game!

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Since I was asked elsewhere, I’d just like to confirm that while the admins are allowed to give themselves building supplies (so breaching an admin’s base is a decent challenge - and attempts are encouraged!), personally I’m starting from scratch (nothing but a hatchet), as that’s how I roll.

Admins also will not be playing any favourites, or giving players any gear, outside of prizes for the Games events (which will be modest, like 1 Supply Signal to a last-man-standing, or 1-2 total if it’s a team of 4 that wins, etc). Again, we’re open to feedback on this and other aspects of the game; we want to keep it balanced and enjoyable long-term, for veterans and newcomers alike. See you there :slight_smile:

Next time for The Zombie Games will be 8:30PM AEST on Monday the 13th - why not come and try your luck? :slight_smile:

We are also working on an inbuilt help system for Rust - just basic FAQ and item-specific help, like base construction tips, how to smelt ores, and the other things that can cause a bit of chat-spam :wink:

Any suggestions as to other things we could work on, and test on our server, please just leave a post here and let us know your ideas! :slight_smile:

is this server decently populated? It has everything i would ever want from a server.

Just as a quick update to anyone reading… I met Skela ingame before seeing this post - I was having trouble with the console airdrop command, so I had to use a signal instead; I figured I’d wait for the next new player to join, and do it near him/her. That way it’d be relatively random, and also a great chance for a fresh spawn to get a nice leg-up!

Unfortunately for Skela, he spawned close enough to some other players that the drop was contested, and he lost out - but I had a spare leather vest and some supplies, so he didn’t walk away empty handed. From the looks of things, he may be amongst the 5 or 6 additional regular players we gained today, bringing it up to about 20 regulars (and often 5-10 online at once, plus admins). :slight_smile:

We welcome anyone who’d like to join us, we don’t have any rules aside from the obvious (if you cheat, or spam the chat with ‘PENIS PENIS PENIS’, for example, don’t expect a warm reception), since this is the kind of game where attempting to impose things like ‘no raiding’ or ‘no kos’ is a bit silly - but thankfully we have a great community building already, as well as some friendly and not-so-friendly rivalries brewing… I bet we’ll see some of that precious C4 used tonight or tomorrow!

Edit: We’re also looking at using Paper, which is now rare and uncraftable, for entry into Arena competitions. Spectating doesn’t cost anything (come one, come all!), but to be a contestant with a chance of winning a supply signal, the cost is 5 Paper - I only have 5 myself, and I’ve been playing a lot since launch; it’s very rare and the players with the most only have 13 and 8. For team events it’ll be 8 for a team of two and 15 for a 4-man team (for the Hatchet Wars event).

For more info just type /games into the chat when you log in! :slight_smile: The latest event has been scheduled for 9pm Tuesday 14th.

Hello all,

Just joined the server yesterday after reading a post describing the loot setup and community based play. Really liked the sound of it, and so far enjoyed the relative solitude of my spawn location on a server not full of other people’s discarded wood shelters and farmed out ground.

Intend to play solo to start with then get out and about and meet people.



Well, after some bugs showing up in the latest mod update, I had to roll back to the previous setup in order to maintain all functionality and settings - thankfully I had manually backed up every mod file and its corresponding configuration before attempting the update, so there was minimal downtime (about 30 mins total). All back up and error-free now :wink:

Plenty of new players joining every day - and they’re staying, so I must be doing something right :slight_smile: Always happy to welcome more.

Cool server. I filtered by name and found the name to be at the top of the list and gave it a go.

As a side curiousity, how did you make it so that it was up that high? just spaces and ASCII?

G’day Ram, thanks for reminding me to update this thread - I’ve been a bit caught up in working on new mods (testings others’ and writing my own) :slight_smile:

Yes, it is mostly just spaces… I’m now working on a /settings command (there is one in my server atm, though it just returns a bit of static text), which all server owners can implement to give details on their server configuration to new players. This will work not just for the basic inbuilt server settings, but those added by mods as well (economy/money/banking, rules and penalties, and so on).

Basically, there’s too much information about settings that can’t fit in the name anymore, so it’s cleaner to just stick with a server name and work on the /settings command, hoping Rust Devs will eventually give us filtering options and/or a description line… Realistically most players would only be interested in the few-dozen servers that give them the best ping anyway, so it’s not too much of a stretch to be able to either toggle descriptions, or have them on only in your Favourites/History and possibly a “Close to me” or “Best 25 pings” tab.

Edit: were you “Steelier Pluto”? :wink: If so, you came in just after I rebooted to test a mod, we’re usually pretty quiet in the mornings so it’s a good time to get that stuff done. Good time to collect resources too though, before most of the guys get home from work and such :stuck_out_tongue: