[AU] DetsHell|Rust++|PVP|Events|DoorShare|Kits|No Admin abuse|Fresh 20-1-14

Hi all,

Please come and join our rust server. We have active admins who are not permitted to raid or spawn items for players use. The admins are here to moderate the players for hackers and to host regular events such as Bow fight arenas and hunger games.

We try to have one event per day minimum with small prize winnings. 1 airdrop per in game day min 10 players. Half crafting time and a very helpful and frienly community.

Fresh server on: 26-1-14

We also have our own team speak 3 for all players top use!


Look forward to seeing you!
Server owner.

Updated to rust++ 1.5

New arenas!

Player base is building, looking forward to seeing more of you soon!