[AU] Envy Gaming - InstaCraft|NoDecay|AntiDurability|AirDrops and more.

Hey guys.

Envy Gaming has recently been launched. I’m posting here on Facepunch to furthermore get our name out. We have a TS and Steam group for you guys to join, if interested.

We are currently running the following;


  • Airdrop
  • Gametime
  • Play time
  • Chat History
  • Doorshare
  • Advanced Kits
  • Remover
  • Groups
  • AntiDecay
  • Bounty
  • Ping
  • Censorship
  • Resource Plugin
  • Player Location/Auto location
  • TPA
  • Enemies
  • Airdrop inbound notification system
  • Bushies Direction mod
  • Broadcast mod
  • Bushy Join Location
  • News
  • Stats
  • Anti Durability
  • more to be added

http://steamcommunity.com/groups/theenvygaming - Steam Group

net.connect - Paste in your RUST console to join us.

TeamSpeak 3: * *

Teamspeak -
Join by downloading Teamspeak 3 here:

Then once its downloaded and installed do the following.

  1. Launch TeamSpeak 3
  2. Go to the “Connections” tab
  3. Press “Connect”
  4. paste this in the “Server Address” section: * *
  5. Hit connect

Thanks for your time
-xKryptx A.K.A Sacramental (Envy Gaming Admin)


Been on the server for a few hours now, very nice server. Friendly players and admins always willing to help out. Thanks for sharing, you’ll be seeing me alot more on the server :slight_smile: