[AU] EverlastingParoxysm DoorSharing|FastCraft|Admins Wiped 11/02 *NEW*

~Last Wiped: 11/02/14~

Welcome to Everlasting Paroxysm!

We are hosted and based in Eastern Australia allowing us to provide a lag free gaming experience for those in Australia/NewZeland. Active admins allow an uninterrupted game play experience and the express removal of hackers from the server if problems ever arise. The server was created on the 11/02, so for new players or those experienced players looking for a new start it is a good time to join.



  • Lag free server
  • Door sharing
  • Starter Kits
  • Airdrops
  • Instant Crafting
  • Active admins

To Connect

  1. Launch Rust
  2. In the main menu, Hit F1 to bring up the console
  3. Type the following “net.connect” without Quotations
  4. Have fun!

Notice: Any admins found exploiting their powers or using it to grief will promptly be demoted.

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I have been playing on this server all day now and I am finding really great! I haven’t been killed yet which is a good sign that this server is full of friendly players. 10/10 would recommend others to play on this server!!

Thanks mate!
Its been a fun day playing with the 5 or so people online, already starting a fantastic and friendly community. Looking forward to more!