AU Hardly Legal Gaming! *200 Slots* *NO LAG* *Active Admins*

You guys should come visit out our AUSTRALIAN server, it’s a very nice server with dedicated Admins and a friendly community!

The perks of our server are

  • One of the best friendly communities in RUST we focus on eliminating the whole KOS scene and more of friendly although there will always be banditry.
  • We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server for anyone to join!
  • Dedicated Website and Forum for help or assistant.
  • Dedicated Admins/Owners and staff.

About our Rust Server

  • Sleepers Are Disabled
  • 200 Slots
  • Hosted in Sydney, VERY good ping!
  • At least 2GB RAM
  • At least 2 dedicated GHz per gameserver, often 3+ GHz
  • Map Doesn’t get reset, only building decay (If a building isn’t occupied with a door every few days)

How to join the server?
Type this short line of code "net.connect “Server IP”
This is the full code with the IP if you’d rather copypasta it instead
net.connect ""

If you’d like to join a different way the full name is
’Hardly Legal Gaming [HLG] - PvP '

Websites And Social Media

Hope to see you all there! Any feedback is accepted and i am opt to answer your questions!