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Hey guys, Decent Gaming is a gaming community, up until today we only had Garry’s Mod servers, but our new fond love ‘Rust’ has made us get a Rust server.
The server has standard crafting speed, normal airdrops, PvE/PvP(Persons preference, you can KOS or be friendly!), and Sleepers are on! Our goal is for everyone to have the original Rust feel.
If you would like to join, the name of the server is;
Australia |
Or, you can press F1 and type in the console net.connect
We hope to see you on the server soon!
We also have a teamspeak! Join us to play:

Yours sincerely Decent Gaming staff.

So, the server and all its files are being moved to a new SSD and the server should be back up soon, sorry for the trouble.


It would probably help if you gave some info about the server settings. :slight_smile:

Standard craft speed? Any airdrops? Does admin ever give away items/etc? PvP/PvE? Sleepers on/off?

Good luck with your server - I’m going to try it in a minute :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, a bit new to this advertising thing, never needed to in the past.
As you suggested, I added the information. (;

I just started playing on “Net.connect” because of the DDoS attacks from those french bass turds. This server is really really awesome and my ping is fantastic. I don’t own the server, MamaJuana does. The admins are very fair and do not abuse power… even after we raided their face off! We just want more people to join this awesome server. All of my friends are going to start playing on it!

Multiplay ES Farlopateam PVP SLEEP
PVP/Sleeper – 25player Airdrop!

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(User was banned for this post ("random server advertising in other peoples threads... seriously?" - postal))

Stop advertising your server on my post, go elsewhere.

Sorry about that dickhead - guess there’s one in every bunch eh? But figured I’d give you a bump and also ask if you’ve set sleepers (lootable body of offline players) on or off - it’s an important setting to disclose :slight_smile:

Edit: Ah, after re-reading the sticky posts I realised the ‘report post’ link is that little icon that looks like an address book and a pencil underneath the username - go ahead and report him for spam.

Thanks for that, and yeah I forgot to add the sleepers part, thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Also, the server should be working properly, sorry for the issues!

Sorry for the downtime, the server is back up and running well!