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Awesome Server lots of fun with many people joining everyday we are trying to get the server more populated to increase a better experience
To join the server: **net.connect **​

We have received $50 worth of donations at the current moment

Would love to join, but not really in the mood to do an application through a forum where you have to register and stuff.

If you could make an email account i could send you the application, or via Steam or anything else.

Will apply after work. Sounds like a nice break from getting crushed nonstop by people who refuse to speak.

Sweet just woke ill approve now

Sign up people and start having fun

I’m building a little thing on the road near Large Radtown.

Sweet man i will be on sometime soon, currently configuring another game server and some Rust server stuff.

Hope you like it

I applied, seems fun.

FYI you must be registered to submit an application since i can’t update you on your App status

so do I have to actually make a character then act as them or do I just act as though my naked guy is actually me
sorry im confused a bit lol cus some rp servers are different from others

First person stance to quote you

All New Registrations have been whitelisted

Whitelist disabled temporarily

Hey are people still playing on this server? I’ve been looking for an RP server and this one looked promising

We get regulars

Server has changed