AU|NZ #1 PVP Community

Hey Guys,

We have been hard at work to be able to bring all Australian and New Zealand players some of the best Rust action out there. We have just finished tweaking the server and mods and now we are just waiting for you! We are currently looking for moderators see below for further details!

We currently have 2 Rust Servers and a TeamSpeak 3 ready for you to use to your hearts content. Complete with active, very knowledgeable and helpful admins and moderators!

Our servers were wiped on the 27/1/2014 and currently have around 20-35 people playing. We hold regular events and its a friendly and competitive environment! So let me give you a run down on what we offer!

AU|NZ #1 PVP|InstaCraft|Events|Airdrops|Fresh - Wiped 27/01/14

  • 200 Slots
  • Rust++ 1.5
  • Friendly Fire
  • Starter Kits
  • Active Admins and Moderators
  • Active player base
  • Regular Events

AU|NZ #2 PVP|Econ|Bounty|InstaCraft|Events|Fresh - Wiped 30/01/14

  • 100 Slots
  • Oxide Mods
  • Economy
  • Bounty
  • Stats
  • Arena
  • Starter Kits
  • Base Alarm
  • Game Time
  • Remover Tool
  • Home

50 Slot TeamSpeak 3 Server

At this time we are also looking for moderators who can put time and effort into the server to help it grow and thrive with the release of our 2nd server. If you would like to get in touch to speak to an admin get in touch via

website -
steam group -
steam - add me on steam cailidin