AU/NZ | Adapt N Engage | Start with Kev! PvP. insta-craft, friendly admins, bountys, events, arena fights! drops, scores and stats! and much more!


Brand new Magma server - [Au|Nz]Adapt N Engage|PVP|Events,Bountys Start w/Kevlar + Guns
IP -

This server is CheatPunch protected and has active admins on every night. This server is 100 slots.
Find any cheaters? hit an admin up on steam.
Can’t reach an admin? Post on our forums @

Commands the server offers:

- /ping - Displays Ping.
- /stats - Displays your stats (Kill/death ratio, or “K/D”)
- /scores - Displays all current players scores.
- /bounty - Displays who has a bounty.
- /players - Displays all players who are currently on the server.
- /location - Displays coordinates of where you are.
- /help - Displays a review of all commands.
- /pm (Name) - Private message anyone on the server.
- /r - Reply to a private message.
- /kit - Details on all kits available

This server has;

  • CheatPunch (ON)
  • Door coding (ON)
  • Item Durability (OFF)
  • Active/Fair Admins
    -*** Airdrops*** (ON)
  • Sleepers (OFF)
  • PVP (ON)
  • Events! (Arena fights, etc)
  • Insta-craft (ON)
  • Bounty’s with rewards (ON)
  • Scores/stats (ON)
  • Friends (OFF)
  • Wipes (None to this day)
  • Kit (/kev) - (ON) - Can only be used once per spawn!

Adding more plugins everyday! So expect much more.

Got any ideas/suggestion’s talk to any of the admins in-game, we’re all friendly and willing to listen! :slight_smile:

You can join using F1 console and typing in net.connect

Good Server Good Admins Love This Server



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Adding New Scripts Shop/ Tp Command and much more

Working on new auto queue system for arena battle