Au|Nz DANGERUST |PvP| [FACTIONS] |Events+Arena| Fast Nights | RARE C4

Fresh AU|NZ based PvP Server. Get in quick and build your Empire. This server promotes team work and we encourage players to participate in the PvP Events held at set times and by request.

Current EVENTS being held on the server at the moment include:

-TDM + FFA [16 players max] - Play against other Factions or against your friends in various arenas.

-Scavenger Hunt - Multiple storage boxes scattered in a small area. Each box’s contents will help you obtain the next box and eventually leading to the Grand Prize.

-Protect the President - Escort President Garry from the Hot Zone to Extraction. 6v6 team based event.

-Search and Destroy - 10 strongpoints (Shelters), 5 each side. First to destroy the opposing team’s Strongpoints wins.

All winners and runners up receive prizes which could be anything from in-game items to Steam purchases.

We are aiming to build a friendly (but competitive) gaming community. Our admins are strictly there to Admin and host events. You don’t have to worry about admin abuse and you’ll most likely always find help. If you’d like to join our community, please stop by.


Current MODS:

Owner Removal Tool
Fast Nights
Faction Creator
Add Friends
Starter Kit
Chat Suicide (Save your self from typing in the console)
Auto FPS Boost
Door Sharing
Home TP - Cooldown (On Trial, Might Remove)