[AU/NZ] Nexus: Rust {PvP|Sleepers|Door Share|Fast Craft|Long Day & Night|Airdrops[5p - min]|Fair Admins}

Hi Everyone,


Nexus is a new Rust server hosted by Multiplay in Sydney, Australia and is currently using Oxide for it’s mods.

The server features Door Sharing, Sleepers, PvP, Airdrops, Fast Crafting , Long Day/Night Cycles & a custom loot drop table to make getting C4/ Good guns harder! Server is currently clean and freshly wiped.

Slots: 50
Admins: Kryis, Mitchy
Mods: Azza9357
Status link: rust.nexus-guild.com
Connect: steam://connect/

We currently have a mumble that can be used for server wide chat, feel free to join.

Check out rust.nexus-guild.com for Mumble & Rust Server IPs.

If you like the server then please vote for us! http://rust-servers.org/server/86

  • Kryis