AU/NZ|PVP|Starter|ActiveAdmins|Instacraft|NoLag|NoDec ay|

Hey Guys New Server! Been Online for About a Week and Looking for More people To Come cause Havoc, Build Bases and Rape Faces! Connection Info::

We have 4 Admins at the Moment all of Which DO NOT abuse Admin Power at all, Seriously we wont even TP you if you are stuck… suicide and run back or get a Friend to Help!

Awesome Reasons to join This Great New Aussie Server!

Friendly and Active Admins!
No Mass Air Drops and a Limit of 5 Players are Needed for Normal Airdrops to Occur so Explosives are Rare
This Server is Fresh Still so no Better Time to stake your Claim on a nice juicy Resource Filled Spot of Land … Ahh… its good to own land!
Instant Crafting! because who the hell wants to wait 300 Seconds to build your damn Roof
No Fall Damage Because Broken Legs Suck Balls
We Also Have Starter Kits Which Consist of some Wood some Cooked Chicken a Stone Hatchet a Sleeping bag and a Revolver!