[AU/NZ] Relentless Gaming [Wiped] [Active Admins

HOST: Streamline – Sydney
MODS: Currently Vanilla (Subject to change depending on demand)
Durability: Subject to change, most likely too 2x longer durability on items
WIPE: As few as possible – I’m an avid builder and I hate seeing things wiped too quickly
ADMINS: Several. Very active. No abuse.
STEAM GROUP: Relentless Gaming Rust
AIRDROPS: 20+ Players (Subject to change based on avg numbers)
LOOT/CRATES: Vanilla Loot Tables
GREIFING/GLITCHING: Heavily frowned upon

*ALL hacker/cheater claims will be investigated but you have to remember that it can take time and unless blatantly obvious, admins will have to confirm with each other as a lot of people throw out the accusation without a lot of thought or understanding how the game works.

About Us

I’ve personally been playing rust for many more hours than I should have or will continue to (as ChopSuey) and after bouncing from server to server with a medium sized group looking for a home where we can play, PVP and just have fun, we’ve consistantly come up short. Be it hackers/cheaters… inactive admins… abusive admins… not enough people on a server… wipes every week when not needed… you name it. We’ve seen it. So, like many others, we’ve now set out to make our own server and carve out our own little niche for the game to be played the way we think it should.

What makes us different from anyone else? Nothing really. Except I personally won’t tolerate cheating in any way shape or form, which includes admins abusing their powers, and you can be assured we have plenty of people with the same mindset that will work diligently to keep the cheaters away and the game as ‘clean’ as we can. We respect good players, want to engage them and we’ve fought plenty in our collective ridiculous amount of hours in the game so you can be assured that we know what looks like and is suspicious behaviour. PVP is the core of this game and we want to encourage it on an even fun battlefield. That doesnt mean there isn’t room for new players to the game either. The best way to learn is to play against people better than you so all are welcome and we actively answer newcomer questions… even if we do also shoot you :wink:

YES we are a group that thoroughly enjoys playing the game and we also WILL be the admins, but we will not be engaging in what we have seen on so many other servers. There will be no magical ‘admin’ bases popping up overnight, item spawning, ignoring hacking friends or helping certain people out with admin powers. Everything from our side will be done legitimately and in the best interest of the server. I know you have nothing to go on but my word, but that is all I can honestly offer and I assure you that I am a man of my word.

Our Goal

More than anything we want to get a server that is busy, has lots of skirmishes and has a decent number of players in a cheater free environment. We’re obviously keen for people to join, and won’t say no to anyone, but we’d like to avoid having clans of 15+ people running around terrorizing the ‘neighbourhood’ at this early stage of growth. In our experience, the most thrilling firefights are with similar sized group numbers that are on the small/medium size. There’s always room for larger scale wars and alliances though :slight_smile:

We’ve currently only rented out a 100 slot server as a starter but are more than prepared to go larger should demand for a good well run server be high as I won’t stand for an underperforming server. We’re also willing to support a TS channel as well if needed because we just love this game and its developmental direction on so many levels it isn’t funny. I honestly don’t think I’ve EVER played another game where I get an adrenaline rush when I get into combat.