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Hi All,
RockWar.net is an Australian / New Zealand Rust Community, and we’d love to have you!

Our website address is http://rockwar.net and this is where our forums are located if you need to contact us.
We also have a Teamspeak3 server available for the community and private faction channels can be setup if you require one.

Server address: rust.rockwar.net:28065
To connect ingame: press F1, type in “net.connect rust.rockwar.net:28065” and press enter.

TS3: ts.rockwar.net:11327

The rules are simple:

  1. No cheating
  2. No bigotry
  3. No admin/mod sass
  4. No nerd poles (pointlessly tall structures)
  5. No flame wars

Server has a 2x craft time multiplier, so everything will craft twice as fast!

Please click HEREfor more information.

Hey all, I’ve modified the crafting time to 50% of original time, so it’ll be twice as quick, enjoy

Friendly bump

Server has been updated to include Oxide. This means that you can now share doors and I have better control over what commands can be used by admins!

More coming soon

Hi All, map has been wiped to allow for balance changes, will remain as is until the next major balance patch. Cheers

Doorshare is cooked for the moment. Please make sure you are locking your doors behind you if you had them shared.



Good news, doorshare is fixed!

Bump. Server is fun as fuck. Admins know what they’re doing and interact well.

Everyone seems to be pretty chill as long as you don’t fuck with them obviously.

Cheers mate, happy to have you on board.

The PVP is going off tonight guys


I noticed you’re advertising your server. I’d just like to give you some advice by submitting your server to the http://rust-servers.org list. Get ahead now!

Kindest Regards!

RockWar is amazing, I’ve been playing it for a few days now and I’ve had the best experience on any Rust server. The interactions with players is hilarious and intense, With players getting ambushed at deals and the exciting hunts for Airdrops.

I’d really recommend joining RockWar. It’s truly a credit to how Rust should be.

Bump. Join it’s heaps of fun :3

Bump come join now ;D We have cookies and cake >;3

Bump ;3 come play now!

Bumpity Bump y0

Bump the hump

Come play! We’ve got a really friendly community

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Bump time ;D Hope to see you guys on soon.