[AU/NZ]RustLife|Drops/Wood Start|No Durability|PVP|No Wipes 9/3

Hey everyone!

I just started this server yesterday. Some of the server features are:
No Durability on weapons and armour
Wood starter for a shack and a fire!
Absolutely no wipes unless it’s a must for a patch
Friendly admin team

In the future we will be looking at adding some fun events!

This is a server for players of the game not my own interests, I am open to suggestions and if there’s demand for features all will be considered but on a popularity basis.

I hope you can come check it out sometime, come in and have some fun!


This is a really good server for both veteran players and fresh players with a friendly admin. The player base is so far very friendly and helpful and the server is not cluttered with tall buildings and massive structures which is great. Would recommend for everyone!

Great server, nice admin and every helps you when you’re new. If I had to vouch for a server it would be this one.

Have been playing on this server for a bit. Real good ping. Admins are always on. Good pvp. Good community. 10/10, would bang.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Fantastic server, admins constantly online and always checks on queries. Good setup and flawless runtime.

10/10 would server again.


Thanks for the feedback Prenvie!