(AU/NZ) RUSTRALIA | PvP | AirDrops | Active Admins | Sleepers |


Recently opened (Only 24 hours ago)

(200 slot server)
Airdrops do not activate until a certain player cap is reached

This server is actively staffed and monitored. All of our staff is over 19 years of age, in turn we can assure a mature outlook on any incidence that do so occur.

How to connect to our server:

Press F1 and type this into console:

There are currently no mods on this server. However we are considering multiple modifications to be added, inclusive of door sharing and changes to the item drop counts (C4 etc).

Our rules are simple: No hacking, exploiting, excessive swearing or racism within the server.

We don’t have a website at this current stage, but if the server gains more popularity we will open one.

We welcome all newbies to the server!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid building close to other players, they might just raid you.
  • Small stashes are useful for hiding your best items. In-case you get raided, then your best items will be hidden!
  • Always have more than 1 sleeping bag!
  • Dont carry your best gear around unless you need too!

We will invest in a TS if player quantity increase.