Au/Nz-WolfPack active admin/eco/sethome/remove/sleeper/share

the WolfPack server is back, new and improved got the mods ironed out, works great, wanna join and/or just play on a fair/pvp server, no admin abuse, airdrops proc with 3 online,3x starter kits, custom eco prices 4 everything in-game, team speak
server ip is net.connect
team speak ip is


The new and improved WFPK server. I’ve been searching for something like this for a longtime!

Ya forgot to say, if your caught on this server “hacking”. That includes shooting through Walls. You be Ban from this server and hopefully from VAC too.

numbers are growing come check us out

We made it, on the top 10 of the top RUST server

I’ve now become Admin for the wolfPack server. And I’m more active except on Sundays. But that depends in Life… :eng101:

We have Events when Admin are online. My Events are called Airdrops of Death!

A friendly bump, come and join the new and improved WFPK server.

The WFPK Server has had a fresh wipe, come and join. Cheers


The WFPK server has died, come and join a true converted Vanilla server with Raiding, door knocking and boredom!

OK so the Vanilla server work didn’t as planned, so now Oxide is back…


Teleport, Ore farms around the Radtowns, Remove, Door share etc…