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Official Website: http://www.rustville.net
Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rustville

We are excited to announce that the server is now officially online. We have a current capacity of 50 players, however this will be increased as the server gains more popularity. I have installed door sharing, private messages, guilds, arena fights as well as a few other custom plugins. We have a lot planned in the way of custom plugins, however we will be keeping the server as close to vanilla Rust as possible.

Address: game.rustville.net
Port: 29095

You can join the server by opening Rust, pressing F1 to open the developer console and entering the following:
net.connect game.rustville.net:29095

The decision to create this server was made due to unfair admins on other servers. The aim here being to have fair and equitable treatment of all players on a server. If a mod uses his powers to create an advantage for himself, he should be removed as a mod and banned from the server, imo.

You couldn’t be more right. The main focus for this server is to basically run it with active staff ensuring that people are following rules and playing legitimately, but other than that, everyone is on an even playing field, regardless of server hierarchy.

I would also hope there is no TP in this sever, even for admins. If we want to get somewhere, we walk. Its only fair I believe.

You’re on the ball there Rhys, myself and other future admins will not be abusing any powers whatsoever.

I have implemented customized loot tables and a guilds system that allows players to create guilds, invite players and use a private guild chat. The server is slowly increasing in population. If you’re looking for a new and active server, definitely jump on and check out Rustville.

The server has undergone a wipe yesterday, however last night we reached over 30 people online during peak times and I am in the process of developing a bounties plugin.

We will be hosting regular arena tournaments very soon, so jump online!

Hi Berlo,

I was playing on your server with a mate earlier today and I kept getting disconnected. Was this planned maintenance or something and I didn’t see the updates or were there some issues?

Hey James,

Sorry about the disconnections, we may have been making some adjustments to a plugin which requires restarting of the server. I try to do all of my maintenance during off peak times but I’ll be sure to let everyone know prior to disconnecting them in the future.

Thanks for checking out the server!

Not a problem mate, it didn’t make too much of an impact. My friend and I have put in a fair few hours in your server now and it’s the best of the ones I’ve tried so we will be sticking around for a while!

One thing I did want to ask…I’ve just been opening console and using the net.connect command to get in each time. Is there a way to add the server to my list of favourite servers so I don’t have to do this each time?

Once you have connected to the server once, it should really appear in your “History” tab. If you add me on Steam, it should appear in the “Friends” tab as I am on nearly 24/7.

Yeah it hasn’t for some reason :confused:

Is your Steam name Berlo as well? I will add you :slight_smile: