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Official Website: http://www.rustville.net
Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rustville

We are excited to announce that the server is now officially online. We have a current capacity of 50 players, however this will be increased as the server gains more popularity. I have installed door sharing, private messages, guilds, arena fights as well as a few other custom plugins. We have a lot planned in the way of custom plugins, however we will be keeping the server as close to vanilla Rust as possible. We will be hosting regular server wide events, so make sure you jump online to get involved.

Address: game.rustville.net
Port: 29095

You can join the server by opening Rust, pressing F1 to open the developer console and entering the following:
net.connect game.rustville.net:29095

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))