Au servers

Hey i recently got a key but i look and the servers that are there i have some lag on i am just wondering if you could get a Australian server

LOL I wish, there aren’t enough players to support an au server atm, maybe later on.

Dam i guise i can deal with some lag

A AU server would be lovely :slight_smile:

I stayed up til like 4:30 in the morning to get a key but then i found out my laptop vcouldnt run it that wel so i play it on pc but i get server lag that is the only reason why i want Au server so i can play the game all night

Yeh i would also love an AU server …when the american server gets to 150 players its just not playable for AU

the spawn killing is insane

That is one fucking long run-on sentence.

I know :slight_smile:

Considering we have to stay up to ridiculous times to just get a key I doubt they care about anyone in the Oceanic region

so we stil should be able to get a au server

Yeh its ridiculous how often Australia is forgotten by various games there are tones of games that need AU servers but just get looked over

It’s really quite simple why we get forgotten. The US/UK has a bigger market for gaming than we do.

Try turning it upside down.

When the AU playerbase rises, they might get a server. Right now, there’s most likely 50 people registered from AU.

Hmm, Id have to agree with InsaneParrot. The player base or Australians just isn’t there at the moment. Maybe in a few months or something? When Australia finally gets its NBN then its not really going to matter one way or another if you have speeds at 100Mbps.

well look how long it took Riot to make the Oceanic server, there are clearly enough players for league from Aus but it still took them this long.

It’s no longer getting its NBN.

Ha ha ha ha… Didn’t notice liberal getting voted in this election?

YEh well we wont be getting it now and no the NBN was only going to be 30mbps at max

Do your damn research.