Hi everyone! Today I have opened up a Rust server and its linked together with SpectreGaming. So if you enjoy playing Rust why not join us?

We have starter kits for new users and are NOOB FRIENDLY! We do our best to not kill fresh spawns! But everyone is different and will make their decisions on how they play survival games.

To join our server press F1 in game and copy/paste net.connect

Server info:
-Oxide. (Click here for more info.)
-Instant Crafting.
-Minimum players for Airdrop - 10.
-50 Slots.
-Airdrops - Only happens if enough people request it or it happens every 2 - 4 hours. (Only if admins are on)
-Starter Kits.
-Door Sharing.
-VAC and CheatPunch to stop hackers.
-Location and Map Autotracking. (Click here for more info.)
-Game Time (Click here for more info.)
-Fair and non-abusive admins.

Website: http://www.spectregaming.net/

Happy Hunting



We no longer do Mass Airdrops.