"Audie murphy"


Muzzleflash could be better but eh… :v:

Why png

Didn’t this guy also shoot a .30 cal for 2 hours straight on top of a burning tank while getting shot at?

this guy basically fired every machine gun available during the war for atleast 2 hours while under conditions of extreme duress

50 cal, and yes he did.
(that’s actually my next screenshot)
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what else would I make it? Jpeg looked poopy

o hai leaves

Damn Son.

Oh hey I have read about this dude, he once shot a lamp in a hotel with his luger. He then said he did it because the light was annoying.

Luger? Shouldn’t it have been a Colt? He was an American, not German.

I thought it was a .50 cal. Oh well.

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Okay, it was a .50 cal.

After the war he kept a luger and was sleeping with it every single day.

He actually became addicted to meds they gave him for shell shock, and so to get over the effects, well, he locked himself up in a hotel room for a week and got over it. :v:

I wrote a short, over-dramatized short story about Audie Murphy, once. :v:

It looks good. I just wish that ghillie tarp or whatever covers those trenches weren’t so eye-rapingly ugly.

I agree, wish I could change that

Audie Murphy was “THE” WWII hero, Most decorated soldier of the 3rd ID and movie star. His movie ‘To Hell and Back’ was his story!

yessirie :wink:

It’s physically impossible to write an overdramatised story about Audie Murphy, because anything you can come up with that sounds utterly ridiculous, he’s already done. Many, many times.

Dude owned so hard they cast him as himself in the movie about him. I guess no other actor could handle that level of sheer badarse.

Yep. He even had to TONE DOWN his movie because some of the shit he’d done would have made audiences go “lolwut”.

Yes, yes he did. He is truly a Great American hero.

You should have used a CoD model since everyone say they are “short”. Audie Murphy was like 1,64m. Which adds to his badassery IMO.