Audio Disconnects?

So, I come to you in my time of need, Facepunch.
I just bought a massive computer, CyberPowerPC, and it runs beautifully. All but one problem.

I’ve always run Gmod with music in the background (Pandora, Youtube or Playlist.) and usually I can play Gmod + the music at the same time. This was on my laptop, where I had the same headphone / audio set-up in-game and with hardware.

Problem is: I’m now trying to do the same with my new computer, but It cuts out after about half a minute after I run gmod. Not just the gmod audio, but the music as well. The Bluetooth just gives up, or something is happening.

What makes it so confusing is I play Skyrim with music with No problem. Same with SW:TOR.

Can anyone explain my predicament?

Does it do that on other source games?