August 2015 Garry's Mod Gamemode Competition, Hosted by Mod Mountain

In collaboration with the Garry’s Mod community, Mod Mountain and our sponsors are proud to present the August 2015 Gamemode Competition.

To enter the competition or vote on themes, please use this link:

Rather than running a gamemode contest in the usual format, we’ve decided to change things up a little:

  • No judges, gamemodes will be scored based on numerous community related variables (reviews, concurrent players, etc)
  • Tons of prizes (100+ and counting!), our goal is to give every developer a prize
  • Two drastically different competition phases
  • Themes that don’t suck, based on your input
  • Teams are allowed

The goal of this competition is to crank out some amazing new gamemodes for the Garry’s Mod community. We have designed the contest in a way that rewards developers who not only build great gamemodes but who also help the other entrants. Intrigued? Keep reading.

The competition will be broken into two separate, distinct phases. We will refer to these phases as the “Gamemode Phase” or GP and the “DLC Phase” or DP.

The GP is two weeks long and will begin at 12PM EST, August 1st and will last until 12PM EST August 15th. During the GP, developers will create their gamemode according to the rules and the theme they chose. After the two weeks, development will cease and developers will hand their gamemodes in. They will have 24 hours to submit a link to an open source repository (preferably Github). We encourage developers to keep their repository updated with frequent commits to make sure that everyone knows they are playing by the rules.

During the 24 hour turn-it-in period, entrants who wish to take part in the DLC Phase will be able to look over and inspect the various gamemodes and decide which they will create DLC for.

After the turn-it-in period has ended (12PM EST, August 16th), the DP will begin. During the DP developers will no longer be able to work on their gamemodes but will be able to create DLC (aka addons) for other gamemodes that have been submitted. Why would they do this, you ask? It’s simple: each DLC is scored and that score will not only count towards that gamemode that it is made for but also the developer’s gamemode (provided they submitted one).

After the DLC phase ends (September 2nd 12 PM EST) the final scoring will begin. At this point developers will be allowed to continue working on their gamemodes as the competition’s “judging period” will be considered over. Scoring should take anywhere from one day to one week, depending on the number of entrants. After the scoring period is complete, a majestic leaderboard shall be erected and prizes will be distributed.

  • You must register at before the Gamemode Phase ends on August 15th. Please try and register early however, it makes my life easier.
  • You must create your gamemode from “scratch”. This means you cannot edit an existing gamemode, such as Dark RP. However…
  • You may use a preexisting component in your gamemode provided that it is fully open source and is available to the general public. You must also disclose the component as soon as you decide to use it, so other entrants can see if they might want it too.
  • You must create an open source repository (preferably using Github) and do your best to keep it up to date with your code. If you are accused of using a preexisting gamemode or non-opensource components your repository’s timeline is your lifeline.
  • You must adhere to the setting / theme. You are allowed to interpret it however you want but how closely you follow it may factor into your gamemode’s score, depending on player reviews.
  • You cannot sell your finished gamemode but you may accept donations.
  • You may work on a team and are able to leave it at any time. Please remember that only one gamemode can have your name on it.
  • Further rules may be added as people ask questions.

  • You may not create DLC for your own gamemode. This is to prevent entrants from adding features that they did not have time to add.
  • Only one DLC per gamemode per developer will count towards your score and the gamemode’s score. If a developer creates multiple DLC for one gamemode, the highest scoring DLC will be used for scoring.
  • DLC created during the competition cannot be sold but you may accept donations. DLC created outside of the competition can be sold.
  • Further rules may be added as people ask questions.

There are currently over 100 prizes, all of which are software and games with the exception of a few vouchers for various development related services. I will likely put all the prizes in a separate post instead of polluting this one. If you’d like to donate prizes, please fill out the survey:

  • 120~ keys for software and games ($5,000+ in value, if you purchased the software or games today)
  • $100 cash, donated by
  • $30 cash, donated by 247 Community
  • $20 cash, donated by Jeezy
  • $5 cash, donated by smithy285

Q: Why are you using “DLC” instead of “addon”?
To clarify that these addons are meant specifically for a given gamemode. They are not generic addons, they are only meant for one gamemode and as such are similar to the gaming industry’s use of the term.

Q: Can I not submit DLC / a gamemode?
Not only are you allowed to enter into only one phase, it’s encouraged! If you aren’t the creative type, there’s nothing wrong with piggybacking on someone else’s gamemode.

Q: What are the winning themes?
Beneath the Sea
Deep Space
Medieval Times
Above the Clouds

Q: Where can I enter the competition?

Q: How will things be scored?
I am currently fleshing out the scoring algorithm, so please bare with me. In the meantime, if there’s any sort of variables you think might be important, let me know! It will also be helpful to know how you feel certain things should be weighted.

James xX
Team TurtleeyFP (TurtleeyFP and Alig96)
Team YourStalker (YourStalker, Nookyava and NiandraLades)
Team Author (Author, zerf and Willox)
Team mcormack1994 (mcormack1994 and NicDasomeone, and robowurmz)


Is this the one code_gs was gonna host?

No, this contest is completely separate.

Sounds awesome!

Good luck :^)

I might pop in for the DLC phase. Seeing as I just did a gamemode for a certain other competition I kinda want to take a break.

Ours was going to be a darkrp edit competition.

Yeah, I was worried I planned this too close to the other contest but I’m confident the DLC phase will let people contribute and earn prizes who wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Not what I expected but it does sound kinda fun. I’ve been meaning to do some sort of Rapture RP.

LiquidFPRP would have cleared the playing field anyway.


I love how you’re promoting modding too with points given per mod. An incentive to make your gamemode easily moddable, and helps to show which games are more popular.

Are you hosting the gamemodes on your own server? What’s the dealio?

In my opinion, the best gamemodes are the extendable ones!

Depending on the number of gamemodes, I’d like to setup a dedicated server for each one (I have the hardware). The difficult part might be selecting DLC but I could probably ask the gamemode author what they would like to showcase.

I’ve realized I have a metric shit ton of prizes ($5,000+) and I’m thinking of handing some out for “bounties” while we wait out the few days remaining until August 1st. Thoughts?

This looks very nice! I signed up.

Is there any chance you could explain the DLC thing more?

I didn’t end up doing the other competition due to the saturation of competitions in a 2-month range. I’ll probably end up hosting it over winter break

Damn, another one? Well, I’m hyped. I’m a little worried about my ability to do this, update Ragdoll Combat, and work on my other projects over the next month. It doesn’t help that my dumb little community took up minecraft again.

I was wanting to host my own little LUA event but I guess I’ll just wait until this one is over :v:.

Of course, I’ll lay out a sample scenario.

Let’s say we have 3 developers: Kyle, Jesse, and Sarah.

Kyle creates a gamemode called A. Jesse creates a gamemode called B. Sarah does not create a gamemode, she only wants to participate during the DLC phase.

After the gamemode phase has ended, the DLC phase begins.

Kyle then creates a DLC for Jesse’s gamemode, B. Jesse does not create any DLC. Sarah creates a DLC for each gamemode. Here is how the scoring would look:

Kyle’s Score: A score + DLC that Kyle made for B + DLC that Sarah made for A
Jesse’s Score: B score + DLC that Kyle made for B + DLC that Sarah made for B
Sarah’s Score: DLC she made for A + DLC she made for B

You might have noticed that both Kyle and Jesse have the same number of scoring items even though Jesse did less work (no DLC). To counter this, I may adjust the weight for DLC scoring (so Kyle would get more points for making the DLC for B than Jesse would). We’ll see what the community thinks!

I look forward to it (:

I have never done anything like this before, eh why not? I’m in.

Can the gamemodes require addons on the workshop such as weapons?

I’ll be willing to add in $20-30 into the prize pool :>

Edit: Alright, just added $30 into the Prize Pool as “247 Community” :slight_smile:

As long as the weapons are publicly available, yes. Remember that you need to post that you are using them, along with a link to them. I will clarify this rule if needed.

Thank you! Both Mikey Howel (representing 247 Community) and StonedPenguin (representing SuperiorServers) have donated money into the prize pool. We’re now at ~120 keys and $120!