AuNz | PVP | InstaCraft | Active Admins | Events | **NEW**

Hello all and welcome.

AuNz | PVP | InstaCraft | No Dura | Active Admins | Events | NEW
Press F1 to open the console and enter net.connect to join!

We are an Australian based server, the server is located in Sydney

this server is new and looking for players to join the server

We do Admin events with prizes for the first 3 winners

We have very friendly, Active Mod/Admins

Server Owner - Dylan
Admin - Wombat and Fido
Mod - Fordy and xKito


PVP fun times new player friendly!
Insta Craft
No Durability
/Starter Kit
Admin events with prizes for the first 3 winners
Admin powers only used to protect form cheaters/Very active admins
Air drops @ 5
Freshly started on 25/2

5-10 dedicated players currently have room for 100!

Hi guys,

Please claim your ownership of your server here:

And support my website.

Best regards :slight_smile:

Nice this is a really great server, non abusive admins and some really nice events.

Admin event tonight guys come and join us!

hey players we are doing an Capture the flare event in 20-30 minutes come and join us!



Awesome server! Been playing on it for a while and starting to enjoy your guys company playing along!

Cheers Colty!