Aura: A Garry's Mod MORPG

Please consider working with us.

Love the map!!!
well this is going to make my mmo look like shit o_o"
Looking very very good.
Keep up the good work

Good luck

P.S : Did you teleport to a diffrent location for the dungeon?

i like what i see.

This actually looks really good. I can’t wait for it to be done, and will definitely play it!

Can’t Wait. Looks Fucking amazing. Sometime i should turn my graphics up so i can see like that.

This looks incredible, keep up the great work!

Oh hell yeah, I saw some of those map screenshots in a mapping mega-thread, looks amazing I really hope this works out! Good luck sir.

My god, i dont think i will ever have the capacity to jizz again.

This is like your 5th MMORPG attempt in garrysmod now, cruma.
I hope this one won’t end up like the others.

And that map is real nice, I like the grass.

Awesome. Hope it gets finished.

The map looks amazing, and I like the idea of your particle editor to make development easier.
Looks good guys I’ll be watching this one.


Is it possible you release your particle editor seperate to the public? A lot of people including myself would find it extremely useful.

(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - Orkel))

Wow, amazing. Love everything there.

Can’t wait to play this.

Looks simply amazing. Good luck!

Looks like you everything right about MMo so far like the unique environment and controls, would love to
see a battle scene! Also good luck, looking forward to this!

Looks amazing.
Keep up the good work on this.

Aura Update 001:


The past few days our coder, Bekka, has been working on some updates and managed to complete the first legitimate version of our custom particle editor:


A developmental video that will showcase how it works and all of its features is to be released soon.

Early progress has also begun on one of our planned dungeon hunting zones:


Q & A:

Indeed, dungeon and cave hunting zones are detached from the mainland and reside elsewhere in the deep, black void of the Hammer Editor.

Our main concern is to keep our focus on Aura and to complete it, so at this time there are no plans to release any of our work for public use. Perhaps sometime after initial release, we will discuss plans to create a public version of our editor.

Thanks to all of the others who responded with words of praise. Be sure to check up on this thread for future updates and feel free to ask any questions that you would like to have answered.