Aurora Flood


Guys its ok to comment we need feedback…

What do we post about? There’s not really anything special here, just a server ad for a modified gamemode that most of us have played in some form or another. Polish is nice, but it doesn’t really make said gamemode anything special. I know I played on some flood servers several months ago, and all these features were in place.

If you want my feedback, I’d say you should make something new, although I don’t know what that would be.

well the faintlink server was a good one, it was the flood server i frequented, and it did implement these features. But recently they went down, and many players haven’t found a replacement for them so we are trying to fill the gap… and we need ideas new stuff what do people want in a flood server?

If your server fails, please release it.

it wont because we already got good support :smiley:

look, people who are rating my comments “dumb” this gamemode was quoted “beyond repair” and we took care of it and made it to be a functional fun gamemode findme and boingboing abandoned it, and said to go to a “remake” instead, but the remake isnt the same and we are trying to get the best out of this gamemode.

I liked Flood Mod.

If your server actually had anyone on, I’d play.

don’t worry we are still editing many parts of the gamemode, so restarts are being common for new code. players will increase when the server is up in full and the stuff under soon to come is accomplished

I’d like to see either a public release or an AU server (or a server close to AU, e.g. New Zealand)

Getting the depends and joining game despite seeing that i’m gonna lag baddd


Don’t appologise for restarts :slight_smile: good code is rarer than hens teeth.

Good to see people reviving an old favorite game mode

Thanks, that is the main goal of this project findme had a great idea, but not so great execution of it. His code was lacking at best at many points in the gamemode, and we are out here to get this gamemode better than ever. Beta testers are nice, and so are new ideas.

UPDATES teams are Complete
Team win is almost done
Props are being added
gamemode is officially STABLE

You fix a public gamemode then make that mod private?

Listen, flood is a fine mod, but it’s becoming like DarkRP. Do we get excited when a new edit of an edit of an edit of a crappy RP gamemode gets posted? Not really. This is kinda the same thing.

It’s not that Flood sucks. Flood is a great concept and is very fun to play. The problem is that almost everyone has played it by now, and when there’s little or no new changes to it other than bug fixing, there’s nothing more to say.

I agree, its just the fact that so many servers are running ORIGINAL flood or one of the boing boing versions we just thought that there was an opening for something that fixed many things

i quote from your post grea$emonkey

“The problem is that almost everyone has played it by now, and when there’s little or no new changes to it other than bug fixing, there’s nothing more to say.”

the focus of this project WAS bug fixing, we just took it a bit farther

Yes but how much further? It’s still the same game right? I mean, the original was playable for a while. I think you missed my point. I’m not trying to dis the mod or anything, I’m just saying that it’s not particularly interesting anymore.

Re-iteration from my eyes: Sunrise. 'Nuff said.

And I kind of agree, if nothing is added to a particular gamemode when it’s brought back, what’s the point? Is it going to magically attract a bigger crowd, or only the same group, which could have possible grown smaller due to people leaving the game?

the thing is we HAVE added things, the original was kind of unplayable after time, and after findme gave up on it. were trying to get it back together… thats it


The gameplay has not been modified that severly, we are trying to make it better while being somewhat identical too

People will know it by the name, no need to make it similar.

Hi! I have my own server and we really wanna play a good flood. but noone has a fixed version released.
So will you please release it?

TY 1000 times.