Aurora (Northern Lights) in Tundra/Snow Biome at Night

The tundra is a beautiful place to be a night, especially when the moon is out and the light reflects of the snow. I think seeing of the Aurora Borealis at night in the tundra would make it even more beautiful than it already is. The dancing green, blue, and red lights. Does anyone else share my view?


they were in but have been removed.

Awwww…really? They look pretty in the screenshot you linked.

Man, that screenshot brings me WAY back. I remember those lights, they definitely were very pretty.

“Oh back in the day i remember when” LOL, Rust old timers, Dam seems so long ago. :smiley:

I miss those lights to, they were new and something you don’t see much in games, I really would like to see them return one day.

As cool as it would be, I think there are many other things that should be way higher on the priority list than a little eye candy that may or may not appear for a few minutes per hour.

I know and I am in no way saying this should come out in the next update or two. In fact I believe they should visit the topic when the devs have time to consider things like these.

Bring it back, no rush though.

Agreed. Alot bigger fish to fry right now.