Welcome to the world of Stargate Atlantis, the world of technology, science, and the world of the Alterans!
In this gamemode you play as an Alteran worker on the latest improvement in their technology: the Aurora II battle cruiser!

This ship is better, faster and stronger than the old Aurora-class battleship!

What is new in it?
-Improved weapon systems
-Built-in cloaking and shield
-24 drone station (Aurora has only 6!)
-Two hanger bay

This is an unique gamemode, because it was made for a map, not maps made for this!

I’ve asked Lord Hayden, the best mapper I know, to make a map about my imagination…
And here comes the idea of rp_aurora_ii!

What is new in this gamemode?
-Custom VGUI with a custom HUD
-Custom chat system (can not use chat when the communicator is not equipped)
-A modified NLR: if you die, you will be “remade”, but you lose all your memories after the last save (save happens in every 30th minute)
-No weapons, no DM: here you can’t own weapons just to own them, and can’t own them for self-protection… only Security allowed to have weapons!
-There can be only one captain, more is not allowed, bug-abusers will be permabanned
-No prop spawning, but you get a nice gamemode menu if you press Q
-You can call for an engineer if you want something new to your room.
-Everybody is allowed to own one room only!
-Custom SWEPs, like the stunner from the Aurora or the Asuran Rifle
-Non-attack SWEPs, like hands or the Alteran PDA (Life Signal Detector)
-Saboteurs (like the spies in TF2) can hide as Workers or engineers (they dont have the VGUI events)
and can hack the doors. Their job is to download more and more data without being caught, and send it to their station on the planet under the Aurora
-Drones can be launched, however you need a permission from the captain or the chief of captain)
-Shields can be activated with the permission of the security chief or the captain
-Interactive promotion system:
-You have to wait if you want to change your class
-promotion is a one-way road: you can’T go back to the chief of the captain if you’re the captain
-the person of the captain is voted by the players (the time spent on the server is very important)
-Engineers can not be police members and vice versa
-As a worker you can select a career at joining
-every people can have three different character, they cant be in the same career

About the custom VGUI:
-Every class has an own view mode
-Workers can see if someone asks for them as glowing orange spots, answered calls are green
-Security members can see dangerous elements like criminals or crime places as red glowing dots
-Engineers and Workers can run checks on entities like a door console or a laptop

This project is still W.I.P., we need good lua coders and modelers!

Yet needed:
-Ancient HUD (will post some little thoughts about it, maybe it will come with a communicator too)
-Life signal detector
-Aurora Console
-chat (console click-like)
-Life signal detector sounds
-other little enviroment sounds
-all sweps
-All entities
-all effects
-Materials of the Aurora II

‘Come work for me!’

Remember fonix232 the Ancient gun need to be a taser but the taser swep for players is buggy.Need a better stunner gun lua.

I sense space vampires in your future.

You’re sense is bad… there will be no wraiths, only a little resistance against the Alterans in the planet investigated by the Aurora II…


If you dont mind me asking …
What exactly is this ?

This will be a gamemode, nut I need help!

Damn you Fonix, you have forced me to stop lurking, anything i can do help this (and i probably can’t do much)

i Will do.

Great Idea!

"come work with me ill be doing ideaz and ill be group leader becuz i do most important thing off all!!1!1!

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Sorry to basically double post here, but

A.) i don’t like seeing this with no activity
B.) any news on progress ect?

Wasn’t there a cake edit called this. Also didn’t it use SQL. I recall something with this name?

Cant wait for this gamemode :smiley:

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