Hi. We have a fresh new rust server that has just been opened

It is run by a group of admins who are active and fair. We strive to create a Rust community that people will enjoy to be a part of. We feel any more than 100 slots is getting crowded on the current map size, and will increase slots when the game map gets bigger and it also helps keep the lag to a minimum. The server is run by Streamline and based in Sydney Australia

Server Name: Streamline-Servers|Aus-Oxide-Minigames-Active/Fair Admins-Sleepers-PvP

Our specs are as follows:
100 Slot server
Active/Fair Admins
Oxide Mod
Door Sharing
Minigames such as lottery (not OP gear). Find the admin and more to come
Minimal wipes – Only when it is absolutely necessary

To connect directly in game open console (F1) and type “net.connect” without the speech marks.

We hope to see you guys and girls in there and you have a great time and we build a community together :slight_smile:

Shameless self bump

Hi man,

I’ve played on countless servers that have been ruined by admin abuse, so looking forward to trying this one!

See you ingame.


Just to let you know we have updated the server with new mods

These include:

Private messaging
Player kill notices

We have also built a custom arena for Capture the item and Last man standing. Thanks guys. Hope to see you in there