[AUS] Australia # 24/7 Admin Support-PVP-INSCRAFT-DOORSHARE Fresh Server 3.2.14 - Ready for Action !

Hey guys and girls. We have another new server up for people to play on !

Its owned and run by a group of Rust Players. We made our own serve due to just unruly hackers servers and god mode admins lol.

The Server is called with some extra crap after the name for all you list browsers: Australia #5 - 24/7 Admin Support
Or manual connect: net.connect

We play the game heaps and want to spread the Rust love.

The server will be growing as Rust grows and we hope add more plugin but really its good to keep the server basic barbecue hackers can take advantage on plugin vulnerability !

Main Specs:

  • 80 Slots & 80 Mumble Slots (
  • No Admin Abuse (ohh gawd we hate that)
  • Min 10 Players Air Drop
  • Insta-Craft
  • YoTubers Welcome !

Active YouTubers (Get involved !):

Can Link Account if Playing on our server/

Thanks Guys and plz vote for us http://toprustservers.com/server/10043 :slight_smile: