[AUS] criticalLike [ Cheatpunch | Oxide | Fresh Server 23/02/14 | 50 Slots | PVP | Sleepers | QuickCraft | Active Admins ]

Welcome to the criticalLike Rust Oxide server!

We are a new server based on the Multiplay providers in Sydney.

We offer friendly and available admins, quicker crafting and 50 slots. From the Oxide mod we have implemented the door sharing, tweaked
the stock loot tables and FPS boost. We intend to add a few other plugins once we are happy with where our current setup stands.

Our primetime is generally 5pm till 9pm. We are a low pop server, but would love to grow and expand with a regular playerbase.

To direct connect, our address is, or just search for [AUS] criticalLike in the modded server list.

We also have a Facebook page where you can contact admin directly and leave any comments or suggestions you may have.

The admin are very approachable. The server is located in Australia and so far is mainly played by Aussies.

Drop and and give our RNG a go, it may suit your tastes!

Multiple arenas are being setup as I type this. Fine tuning on loot tables completed.

1st arena 95% completed. Play testing to fine tune. Is like a hunger games setup. More aimed at instant gratification. 2nd arena coming along. Not at play testing stage yet.

The general feel of the server at the moment is that everyone keeps out of each others way. This would be a great server to a newer player that doesn’t want to be dropped in the deep end straight away. :stuck_out_tongue: