[AUS]|LoF|Troubled Soul's Rust Server|PvP|Sleepers|Fair Admins|N00B Friendly|NoAbuse

Get in here!!

quick connect: Join Game | Press F1 | Type net.connect (Public Steamgroup for the server: Search on TroubledTimes)

Brand new Vanilla server last wiped 28 Feb, CheatPunch enabled with latest updates. with Safezone

If you are serious about playing this game and are sick of admin abuse, base greifing, hackers and whining kids, join this server

Experienced Systems Engineer & Administrator (i.e. not a 15 year old kid stroking his UberHatchet) is sole admin of the server and active at most times of the day

Check the steam group for regular updates, rules and discussions

Admin Won’t
Admin does not spawn in items for other players, participate in raiding, or favour players. no Teleport/Taxi service

Admin Will
Lend advice, help you out if you have been glitched into a rock or similar, or remove misplaced or griefed objects in player owned houses

To protect the integrity of the game and provide the honest players a good gaming experience, players joining the server who have had recent, or multiple VAC bans will be vetted and monitored by the admin - you will be kicked/banned if it is suspected you will Hack, grief or otherwise unbalance the server for the good players. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

  • Zero tolerance policy towards Hackers and player/base Griefers
  • Where possible the admin will keep the game on the last stable release before the latest update to ensure minimal problems (doesn’t include GSP forced updates)
  • Airdrops can be called after player request/vote within reason
  • Starter kits available on request
  • Players get to decide on the direction modding wise to the server
  • Plenty of notice and player interaction provided regarding wipes (not including GSP forced wipes due to major updates etc)
  • PvP, Sleepers
  • Organised events for those wishing to participate
  • N00b Friendly!

Thanks to those already settled in the map!

If you need to speak to the admin in game, my in game name is TroubledSoul, or you can just post in this thread and I will get back to you. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions!

Arena and other Competitions will be held to determine policy or game settings for those interested in joining in

Due to an issue with the latest patch, there is a bug that is affecting CPU usage, so access is currently down while they fix the problem. Not sure if they will enforce another wipe, so will take the opportunity to update some of the plugins.

For the guys already established, sorry about this, if any of the maintenance results in a wipe, I will grant you enough resources to get back to your previous level of play, just dump a msg here or contact me in game!

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Soz guys server access is still down, waiting on feedback from the provider! Will get the game online as soon as i can

Server back online and stable since latest update. no lag or rubberbanding

Latest Rust update applied (12th Feb) Once again this has broken Rust++. I have tried a reinstall but no luck and we will have to wait for a patch to Rust++, shouldn’t be too long of a wait! thanks for your patience guys

Latest updates applied!