(AUS) : New Server 30/12 pvp/sleeper *** NEW SERVER ***

Looking for a fresh start ? Well here it is. I am the only admin and will never use admin powers.

I have the air drops requiring 10 players to appear. This may change depending on the population.
Normal setting for everything else.

net.connect - Free from DDOS so far !
Hope to see you in-game soon.

Server running well. About 10 players at the moment and looking for more.

We now have a population around about 10 players who are regulars. Server is really only a day old as we lost a whole day yesterday with the patch / ddos.

There has not yet been an air drop as the numbers havent been there consistently.

Join us and enjoy a lag & cheat free server while it is still new.

Lag & cheat free.

good server & admin, thanks.