AUS/NZ | Daddys Pleasure Palace | Oxide 1.9 | EVENTS | 1/2 Craft | PVP ARENA!

Hey guys,

I’ve been running this server for maybe 2 weeks and just updating the info;

Admins: ~ daddydidme ~ Gambito ~ Backup at 10am
Mods on Server ATM are Quests, PVP Death Messages, Remove Function, Starter Kits and also a Leader Board for Player kills and Zombie Kills.

Basic Server Rules:

~ PVP FFA Rules apply
~ We run Arena PVP on request please contact admin to organise!
~ 2 TP Requests per new player
~ Please try and keep it friendly in global, We are trying our best to run a friendly|fair server
~ 10 FreshSpawn Kills - Bandit Status | General Good Reputation - Hero Status
~ No admin abuse, please report any issues to another admin / owner

So if your interested please feel free to connect via console with “net.connect”
Hope to see you there!