[AUS/NZ] -Safehouse.net.au-|PVP-EVENTS|Drops|Sleepers|50% Craft Boost|Oxide

We are a very nice community, alot of active admins that play normally. Owner is only admin with all admin commands. All other hidden admins are players that can kick and ban only.
This server is a very fair server with not to many annoying young fellas. The admins are always keen to do events ( such as big dome of zombies for the server to mow down or pure luck in airdrops meaning there could be a few… 3 boxes = event stops )
We are always out for the new updated plugins everything is working fine at the moment… feel free to join the fun and play the game 100% fair.

[AUS/NZ] -Safehouse-|PVP-EVENTS|Drops|Sleepers|50%Craft|Rust+ Wiped 16/1

Craft time and loots drop rate and air drops customised to make it harder and more enjoyable (harder to get c4 n such although still easily done)

Server was Wiped --> 16 January 2013 <–

Rust++ Mod

Awesome server so far. Even for us stateside! Pings not terrible either.

This server now has an Event Dome for all sorts of exciting little events
Also now has an Event list for an event every evening GMT+10