[AUS] Players

Hi guys,

I was playing a populated server before and a select few players had aimbots that they where actively using and raiding random bases and there was at least 12 people in chat that I counted marking them hackers, I even got headshot along with 3 others by this particular player. Sometimes even right at midnight in pitch black and still getting killed headshot. I was upset and quit, came back and rented a server. This server is called “Active Admins, Minimal Hackers” and the IP or if you already ingame hit f1 and type net.connect I come from a clan with around 30 active BF4,DayZ and Rust players, So around 6 others including myself will be admins.

I ask you to try it out now, many resources around as the server just started,

Many Thanks! :slight_smile:

L Rick