Hey Guys i was just coming on here to say that we recently bought a server and are trying to get more players, thus why im on here.
Just letting everyone know that we currently have 5 admins just for extra protection for the server.
We have our own forums which you can chat to the admins and other members and also tell us your ideas and we will try to implement them into the server.
The website is

We also are implementing donations so you can help pay for the server and if you do this you will be rewarded on the game
you can also purchase in game items through the forums.

We are always on and you can contact us anytime through the forums or in the game and we are always willing to help.
There are many more mods on the way and if you like or dislike them just let us know.

The Server IP is

Instructions on how to enter:
1.Open Rust
2.Click F1 to open the console
3.type in Net.connect
4.You’re in the server!!

Facts about the server-----

  • Oxide mod - Check out more about this mod on:

  • Door sharing - Share the doors with your friends!

  • Arena fights - Admins have built a large arena, where we throw tournaments(Usually last man standing), definitly something you should come try!

  • No age restriction, but behave properly, we all enjoy a good community.

  • PvP is on. We want this server to go its natural way, where the main purpose is surviving.

  • Active & experienced administrators who have a line of work with servers. They are also not allowed to abuse any power(He/she will then loose the admin permission right away).

  • Unaffected by the DDOS attacks that have been going on.

-Server is located in Sydney,Australia.

The ARENA!!!
Pictures Below

How It Starts
1: All the players will be asked to leave all the stuff they have in their base.
2: PvP will be turned off until the event starts.
3: Players will be ported to the starting room(Outside arena)
4: Admins will make sure that noone brought any Equipment
5: Players will recieve anything that they need during the tournament from admins.
6: When all is ready, we will move to the next room.
7: The last door will be opened, and the players will have 15 seconds to get out into the arena.
8: After 15 seconds, the PvP will be turned on, and a announcement will pop that the tournament begins.

If you win you will recieve many prizes like Guns,Building Supplies and even supply signals.

We hope to see you soon!!!

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I have been on this server constantly for the past few days, since opening, and I can offically say it is a great server, wonderful community with fun events, so glad to be an admin look forward to helping, interacting and having fun with everyone online. I highly recommend you check the server out. You will not be disappointed.

:quagmire: - VeteranChild -

Thanks Veteran :slight_smile:

This is actually such a fun server. The arena is great fun, I’ve never seen anything like it.
One of the best servers I’ve played so far.

Thanks steve hutchy we are trying our best to make this server as good as possible!

No worries. I can’t believe there’s an actual hunger games stadium. Now that’s cool!