Aus/Usa #1|PVP|DoorShare|InstaCraft|MassAirdrop|ActiveAdmi ns (NEW SERVER ALL WELCOME)

hello i recently opened up a new rust server, we have kind and friendly admins even though this is a pvp server! so far we have 30 players after 2 days and they all love it here!!
all are welcome to join!
Server IP:
Just need To Put net.connect in console to connect
eg. net.connect
Hackers banned on sight.

  • PVP | ON
  • DoorShare | ON
  • Sleepers | ON
  • Wipes | IF FORCED ONLY
  • Admin | VERY Active - No abuse
  • Air drops | ON (Minimum 5 players on the server)
  • Community | Friendly and helpfull
  • 100 Slots | Will be upgraded if needed


  • No racism, flaming, insulting, cheating or exploiting.
  • Global chat is limited to English language please


  • Nezza
  • Tony

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cool server

Lmao, Copy and paste that shit off my topic.

cool story bro

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You guys circle jerking while commenting? Cuz you seem to respond on the same time.

it was a good template i gotta admit

hey you’re promoting the server by commenting so thanks :slight_smile:

You too by being assholes. People must be coming in groups! COUGH

:slight_smile: <3





hahahahahahahahahaha, You cant even post a picture.

How fucking dumb will the server be ?!

lots of love governor <3

Got enough from your mom last night <3

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with insults like that, im guessing you asked your mom to use her creditcard?

Lmao, Creditcard.

Thats for buying stuff you can’t afford.

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okay man

and showing how mature you are using mum jokes, im sure people are joining your server in the hundreds

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