AusRust - NoTears

Hello and welcome to the NoTears server we are a group people that want to play with other active people whether on their own or in a group. We hope to build a large community and we do not mind helping people with the game if they need it. This is a PvP server so get out there and start running! We like a bit of Raiding and Killing just don’t take out there Sleeping Bag/Bed, In chat if you die No Crying!, Any hacking will result in an instant ban and there will be no admin abuse at all if for whatever reason there is, Open a ticket (/ticket “text”) and it will be dealt with swiftly.

Severs Started 17/01/2014
Host - (So No Lag)
Start Game & Press F1 then copy below and paste, Press enter :slight_smile:
net.connect ""


  • PvP | ON
  • Admin | Active - No Abuse
  • Air drops | ON
  • Community | Friendly and helpful (and a few Rebels for fun)
  • 50 Slots | Will be upgraded if needed


  • No Cheating or Exploiting.
  • Global chat is limited to English language
  • No Destroying of Sleeping Bags/Beds


  • Chillin
  • That 1 Dude Nate
  • Rhapsus
  • noel_oner


  • Oxmin
  • Chat History
  • Configurable Economy
  • Door Sharing
  • List Players
  • Kits
  • Tickets
  • Skills

Just Built a Team Vs Team Arena.

  • We Will Be Holding 2v2 and 3v3 Events
  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

So get on and have a go, Let me know what you think!

Sick server, love it!


Great server! Admins are regular, friendly and they regularly run events.


Being away for work I am missing playing.

How is the ‘paintball’ field going is it getting much use?

Stop making alternate accounts in order to promote your server.

Wow another person using alts to bump his own thread

Sorry im not doing what you are accusing me of, These are ppl that play on my server only because they have no posts does not mean that they are me, Just means they don’t use this site so move along lil boys

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It going good, Had a few events and been going well. just need a few more active ppl and it will be good.

I play on this server (check my Steam Profile: “Tiddies” if you think I may be an alt account).
Low ping. Friendly admins who don’t spawn in a bunch of random rubbish or ruin the game. Pretty much everyone uses mics!


It’d be cool to see more people around :slight_smile:

Definitely not an alternative account here, just a fairdinkum Aussie who likes playing on this server with some friendly people.

Server has been wiped, Feel free to join as it a fair start. Get in quick to before ppl progress.

Who you calling little?

Feel free to call this an alt account so we can all laugh at how stupid you are for not researching before spreading B.S.

Anyway, fun server and great admin!

With the server wipe I want to know what Rhapsus has been doing with my body dead lifeless body.

You Since you Hitler

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Dont know dude have not seen him online in a day or two

Jump on the server while it fresh! dont get left behind