Aussie GCombat Wars/Build Server

Server IP:
Slots: 10

Our server is hosted in Sydney, at a Data Center.
My friend pays for the server (Hired from and I help admin it, as Co-owner.

At first we had no people… for a day, but as garrysmod goes, people on our friends list came (a long with randoms of course) and the snowball grew into a small community of people that play each day.

The owner and I are on daily, for hours on end so minges aren’t a worry…
Because we don’t just ban them… We tie them to the bottom of a lake or pool, if they leave, fine, they come back and we just play with their ragdoll some more.

We are merciless to those who minge and once we get bored of throwing them around, exploding them and such we ban them.

Now, onto the details!
Well… the further details

We run a variety of fun addons and of course PHX, Wiremod…
Here is some of the addons I can come up with right now (Owner is busy playing a game)

Spacetech’s Pet Mod
Smart Weld
Fin tool II

There’s quite a bit more, but I’ll be getting a full list of them later.

Ask questions, some screenshots of stuff will be included later (It’s 2 AM here, no one is on!)

But here’s something to stare at for 12 hours.
No explanation included…

This looks like a nice server, too bad I can’t play because of the location

Yeah well, I can’t find a good Aussie RP server that isn’t shivers
dark RP

anyway, I just woke up so I’ll be getting some screenshots now

I like it but your advertisement needs more organization. I like the info on what your server location is though. Nice humor lol.

Nice to see a non-RP server here. 9/10 server adverts are RP ones here.

may not be getting screenshots right now, Its too hot to play GMOD