Aussie guilds?

Any aussie guilds out there playing regularly and recruiting?

I’ve created a Gaming Clan/Group on steam very recently and I’m trying to get members to join. We play different online games together, but we mainly play on RUST. Anyone within the age limit of 14 - 20 is allowed to join. Also must live within Australia.

Few basics that you MUST know if you want to join.

  1. You MUST be able to know the basics about RUST (Crafting, Weapons, Warfare, Construction)
  2. Must be active
  3. Age 14-20 ONLY
  4. Skype is optional since we will be using Skype ALWAYS to communicate with the clan.

If you are interested and keen to join, please click the link below which will link you straight to the group were you can join.

The Official Clans name is:
Brothers In Arms™
The Official Clan Tag:
B I A™

Link to group:

Thanks Ottoman, but not for me.

I should have said I am looking for 18+.
Also not too interested in using Skype for comms, much prefer something along the lines of TS3.

I’m actually 18 myself… Lol
All good Tais. Take care. we have a rust community server up mostly all of us are 18+ but there are some under 18.

Feel free to test out the server its PVP and looting allowed we also use TS3 for comms with channels for group play or solo play

Yeah I am a bit over 18, so looking to play with a more mature crowd and kids of 14 have a tendency to rage pretty hard and get upset too easy.

SyK3, not really looking for a server but more of a clan that plays in one of the larger community servers.

L.A.G. Local Adelaide Gamers (listed under streamline servers)

we also have a private, paid TS3 server 24/7 with “clan pay” so everyone contributes to the costs.