Aussie Outbreak, Noob friendly, Mature Community, No Duration , No Mods


Looking for a new server where there’s no; Admin abuse, wipes, Extra mods, Grieving, Hackers and disrespectful players you came to the right place.

Next Server Wipe: Never

Last Server Wipe: Never

Are server will provide you with admin hosted events such as, Daisies Happy Box, Death Drop, Rock Fight and many more!

Ring-A-Ring-A-Rusty - Admin runs along the road with only legs showing, kill for rare loot! [Co-ords will be announced every so often].

Daisies Happy Box - Last man standing wins [BYO GEAR / BASICS WILL BE SUPPLIED].

Parkour Course - A course to test your skills, first on the large storage box wins.

Death Drop - Race to the top of the 12 story tower then first on to the bottom via the ceilings wins.

Rock Fight - Biggest rock wins.

Rewards: 1st A Supply signal, 2nd A Fully modded gun of your choice, 3rd A stack of ammo of your choice.

  • Suggestion on events?
  • Ways to improve?
  • All Feedback helps! :smiley:

This server also is strictly for mature players only, now this doesn’t mean younger gamers can’t join but if you are going to play please respect each other!

**We already have admins in-place watching the server;
[Admin|Owner] Banks
[Admin] єгเк_ק๏รt_๓คภ
[Admin] Lemmon
[Admin] BigMuff **

Server will never wipe unless an update for rust has forced server to wipe!

Website: (In progress)

Steam group:


Server name : Aussie Outbreak, Noob friendly, Mature community, NoDura, NoMod

Average on around 5 - 20 Players…

Come hang out?

1. Press “F1” while in-game
2. Type: “net.connect”
3. Play The SERVER!

Hope to see you online :slight_smile:

Updated post,

  • Added an event.
  • Wipe stats.