Austin Elite | HalfCraft | Starter Kit | Remover | Airdrops | Groups

Austin Elite! Come and join us today, created and wiped **3/13/2014 **and ready for action! Simply hit F1 in Rust to open your console and type in net.connect

Let’s get it populated, guys! Stay on for a bit, a lot of people leave before anyone else can join. It can only be populated by you! And that gives you an advantage!

I like Rust the way it is – For the most part! Very few mods here and we do have durability. Remove allows players to free themselves of griefers, your Kit gives you a hatchet and some food and Groups, Friends and Messaging only add functionality that should already be in the game. Rust is almost perfect. To experience what I consider Rust perfection, come check us out. We’re brand new, so you’ll have an edge on those people in the next valley over.


Airdrops (Once per Rust day, 10 player min.)
Half Craft
Cannot craft Flares (Limits C4 somewhat)
Active, Non-Abusive Admin (And an owner who is always playing!)

Oxide Mods:

Kits (/kit)
Remover (/remove)
Private Messaging (/pm NAME MESSAGE)
Death Handler

Server Rules:

No Cheating. This means duping, speedhacking, glitching or abusing a mod or any other aspect of the game in ANY way will land you a ~ Permanent Ban.
No Spamming in General Chat. ~ You will be muted with a Warning.
No Advertising Your Server in General Chat. ~ Permanent Ban.
No EXCESSIVE griefing. Clear him out, kill him a few times to get away from the scene, but don’t camp his house for three hours. (Exceptions in the case of wars and feuds)~ Permanent Ban.

I hope to see you soon, survivors.

From Texas like me! On my way over now :slight_smile:

Happy to have you! Let’s get this server populated, fellas!

Let’s get more on, guys!

Anyone care to join us?

Now is the perfect time to flood the server with people! Airdrops coming in!

Name: Rustafarians
Location: London, England
PvP: Yes
Steam-Contact-User: El-Roshan
Slots: 50
Daily Airdrop
Admin-Power-Usage: Only ban & teleport are used to investigate hacker accusations
Sleepers: Yes

For more info visit:

Support our community. Contribute towards our server with Multiplay.

Pathetic little shit… Hope your server stays at 0 :slight_smile:

Wow. Pretty low tactic. Surprised that hasn’t been flagged yet.

Let’s get you geared up, guys! Hit that minimum for the airdrop and I’ll throw in a Shotgun for everyone on at that time to join the fray!