Australian Companies.

Are there any companies in Australia that can host a server? I cannot find any. I’m getting a Dedicated Server in 1 year, but in that time i’d like to hire a server. I have used Google, Bing! and Yahoo search engines. Nothing has shown up. (I found 1 company, but Euro servers are cheaper than it :saddowns:)

At 83 pence a slot, It’s not that bad.

There used to be a company that I help setup for a friend that was an AUS Gmod company, but it’d appear they went out of business.’s_Mod_10.html

If you find an Australian company that beats the Monthly 20 slot, i’d appreciate it if you’d post a link.

Have you ever heard of this thing called latency?
The time it takes for net traffic to get to the UK and back is way too long for a nice ping server.

What’s Latency?

I’ve heard of Ping, though.
Just because my ping will be 300-350, doesn’t mean everyone elses will be.

Here is a link to every single Australian Server Host.

It has everything from Webhosting to Gaming Servers. - (Cheaper)

e; Appears JuicedPC shut down, my bad.